This spring has been quite lovely, especially for a First Spring. I’m declaring this particular spring my First Spring because, as any other Florida native will tell you, there’s no such thing as spring when you live that close to the equator. We have roughly nine months of summer and a half-hearted fall. New York spring, though, is like a storybook. Snow was literally melting all around me, tulips are now blooming, and the air is getting warmer every day.


Tulips outside Coles Sports Center

Spring, in a tragically ironic twist, is also the season when most law students begin returning to their respective boxes, basements, and caves to begin preparing for another round of finals. For me, this is a big semester in many ways. Not only does it mark the end of my second-to-last year of school (law school, at least), it’s also the semester in which I get married! Needless to say, this additional distraction has left me poring over wedding magazines and flower-themed Instagram accounts when I should have been buried in the tax code and my federal courts casebook.


Despite the slightly chaotic flurry of activities, I can’t help feeling totally content. Just a year ago, I was also preparing to take another round of law schools exams—but I was at a different school in a different state, and I couldn’t have imagined what the next year would bring. Without getting overly sentimental, I guess my point is this: Yes, finals suck. Law school is difficult and, at times, even overwhelming. But when you step back and think about how much we really have, it’s staggering. Whether you call it lucky, privileged, or #blessed, it’s hard to dispute that we have quite a bit going for us.


More tulips!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend my first Law Revue performance. It was a fantastic compilation of theatrical mockery aimed at Big Law, law journals, law faculty, and our own Dean Morrison (because it’s hard to run out of Canada jokes). Besides being a hilarious, relaxing show, The Firminator also reminded me that law students and, hopefully, lawyers too, are just people. Some of New York’s future great corporate lawyers, public defenders, and litigators were on stage singing their hearts out and rocking some of the crudest, most highly choreographed dance moves I’ve ever seen.

So if you’re considering law school, or if you’re already here and questioning your decision, don’t give up! With almost two years down, I can assure you there’s still time to do what you love, and for love. There’s time to buy tulips for your apartment and take walks in Washington Square Park. There’s time to rehearse for a performance, and time to see your fellow classmates perform. Some nights you won’t sleep much, but I’d venture to say it’ll be worth it all the same.

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