Transferring to this place was a pretty great decision.

Transferring after your 1L year is a huge decision that a handful of law students make after finishing spring semester finals in May. Transferring means reapplying to schools you may have applied to a year ago—expressing yourself in a new personal statement and asking for at least two recommendation letters from your 1L professors, leaving friendships forged in your small section classes, deciding whether or not to participate in the law review write-on competition and off-campus interview programs offered at your current school, and hoping that you’ll receive a decision from your transfer applications in time.

Transferring is not for the weak.  It requires unfaltering dedication, diligence, meticulous planning, and a commitment to start anew.  This year, NYU Law welcomed 60 transfer students, including myself, from a range of schools.  At orientation, which takes place two days prior to Early Interview Week, I met students from Fordham, Berkeley, the University of Virginia, and the University of Pennsylvania.  Transferring to NYU was the best decision I ever made, and I have absolutely no regrets about leaving rural Virginia for New York.

Transferring to NYU has allowed me to participate, very successfully, in the Early Interview Week (EIW) program, where most “Big Law” firms recruit students for summer associate positions.  Because I was accepted by NYU at the end of July, I had signed up to participate in the interview program offered by my former law school.  Upon accepting my transfer offer at NYU, however, I was forced to withdraw from firm interviews I was pre-selected for.  This did not hurt me at all, however, as I was able to secure 23 interviews via NYU’s EIW program.  On average, students secure between 15 and 25 (or more) interview slots.  NYU’s EIW program opened many opportunities for me, most of which would not have been available had I not transferred.  At the end of the process, I attended nine call-back (“second-round”) interviews and ultimately received offers from three New York offices and one DC office.

Transferring is a daunting but thrilling experience.  As a transfer, you have the curiosity of a 1L and can attend a talk a day if you so choose!  NYU features many sessions with professionals across a wide array of disciplines.  In fact, I recently attended a talk on career opportunities at the United Nations by a UN under-secretary-general!  And the best part of being a transfer is that you know how to succeed in law school classes, possessing the confidence and intellectual maturity that 1Ls will eventually develop.

The only downsides to transferring are the condensed timeline of the adjustment process—balancing orientation with EIW and law review/journal write-on simultaneously—and the financial commitment.  But as someone who decided not to participate in the write-on at NYU and to give up a hefty three-year scholarship, I can say with absolute confidence that transferring to NYU Law was worth it.

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