I will say it: NYU is the best-located law school in the country. At the southwest corner of Washington Square Park, NYU Law students are in the middle of Greenwich Village. You never need to venture far in Greenwich Village to locate a fantastic restaurant or intriguing film shoot. To the south, shopping is abundant in SoHo, the financial hub is in FiDi, and views of the iconic Statue of Liberty are in Battery Park; to the east, the famous bar scene of East Village is a short walk; and to the north, Times Square, Central Park, and the flagship New York Public Library are a walk, bus trip, or subway ride away.

Although NYU is in a prime location, I lamented my lack of exploration beyond the route from my apartment to school while speaking to my family and friends over winter break. But as I have realized, doing “nothing” in New York is not the same as doing nothing in suburbia. Hence, when you hear your NYU Law student tell you they have not seen much of the city, know they are experiencing extraordinary sights every day. For family and friends to know their law students are doing just fine and for prospective students to make an informed decision regarding which school is right for them, continue to view a (very limited) gallery of our day-to-day sights.


The famous Friends facade is only a nine-minute walk from Vanderbilt Hall.


The bakery commonly featured on Sex and the City is an 11-minute walk from campus. If you were not a fan of the show, you should still come for the cupcakes.

The local watering holes: rooftop bars with spectacular skyline views.

The view from the One World Trade Center Observatory.

Internationally beloved art at the Museum of Modern Art is FREE for us to view with an NYU ID.

Visiting the holiday markets and the Rockefeller Tree is a great distraction during or celebration after finals.



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