At the end of my first year at NYU Law, I was pretty sure I wanted to be a teaching assistant for one of my classes. Although I had initially wanted to TA for my Torts professor, that didn’t end up working out, so I applied to the Lawyering TA program. I knew I wanted to work for a new teacher; my professor had been new, and our TAs were essential in helping our class navigate its way through different units of the Lawyering curriculum. I was paired with two teachers, and interviewed with Professor Marissa Jackson. She was absolutely awesome, and I was excited to start the school year.


Professor Marissa Jackson, now General Counsel of the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs!

Being a Lawyering TA was such a rewarding experience. I absolutely loved my 1L Lawyering classmates; they were (and are) some of my closest friends from law school. I was hoping the new group was going to be as awesome, and I was not disappointed! My class of new 1Ls was filled with bright, interesting, funny people, and it was an absolute joy to be a resource for them as they began their NYU journey. I was immensely grateful to my TAs for shepherding me through the first semester, and so I tried to do the same for my TA-ees.

Then, at the end of the first semester, I was lucky enough to be considered for a position as a TA for Dean Trevor Morrison’s Con Law class. I interviewed during the finals period, and was waiting to hear back over winter break. In fact, I received the email offering me the position as I was on the way to the airport for my vacation; what a thrill for the beginning of the break!


Dean Morrison

So, I started second semester as a TA both for Lawyering and for Con Law (pro tip: you can only get two credits for TAing total, so I’m doing one of the classes “for free”; I guess it’s a metaphysical question to figure out which one, but I allotted one credit for each on my transcript). It has been fun so far being able to mentor a new group of 1Ls, now in a more academic way. Being an academic TA is quite a different experience; instead of providing life and school advice, I’m expected to remember what I learned almost a year ago and pass it on to brilliant colleagues! But at least for Con Law, there is an advantage to having taken the whole class already: even if I’m sure every student in the class has the same capacity to understand the material as I do, I have the ability to see the class from afar and help put things in perspective as they move through it.

I am so glad I have the chance to get to know these professors more, and that I get to expand my circle of friends beyond my year. Law school can tend to group you, and I think class year is one of the most powerful divisions. But by being a TA, I now know quite well almost 100 more students at NYU Law, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

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