One thing I recall from school is how my friends would say, “Wow, that year went by so fast,” or “It felt like that year went by so much faster than last year.” Every year they would say this, and I could never tell if they remembered saying the exact same thing the year before.

It is happening again here; this time it has only been half a year, and I am hearing it already: “This semester is going by so much faster than the last one.” I’ll hear this four more times before a final “It’s over already?” as we graduate in 2015.

The other day we had college students who had been admitted to NYU Law but hadn’t enrolled yet sitting in on our classes. I remember I made a friend at an Admitted Students event a few years ago who is now a 3L. We kept in touch while she entered school and I deferred for two years. I deferred partially based on her advice: she wished she had taken more time between college and law school. She is graduating this year, and I asked her again for advice and whether she was ready to leave school and get a job. She said no, she wasn’t ready to leave school, and once again she wished she had more time. So while some of us get senioritis and daydream about graduating, she is wishing she could stay in school longer.

I’ve been in the city for seven months, and I’m practically a New Yorker now–I hardly notice the cold, and I know how to get to Broadway from here. NYU Law is more than 16.67% over for me. I already have my first legal internship for the summer, and some of my friends are graduating.

Here, then, is my confession. The years actually ARE going by faster, and they will continue to every year. When I was a 10-year-old completing the fourth grade, one year of school was actually 10% of my entire life! As a 15-year-old in high school, though, a year of school was less than 7% of my life. Sophomore year in college as a 20-year-old was only 5% of my life. See the trend? Our perception of time changes as we age. Each year, each month, each week is relatively shorter than the last. Think about it: today is the shortest day of your life, and each day is getting shorter.

Law school means different things to different people. For some it is an end-goal, and for others just a stepping-stone to bigger things. For all of us, it is three years (of subjective length) of life. All of this adds up to something important. I’ll ask my friend for advice again, because I’m sure she knows what it means that these three years move quickly and only speed up. And I think she’ll tell me to enjoy them, because they’ll be over before we are ready.

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