Thanksgiving Tableau

Noting first, stuffing later.... (Pay no attention to the rocket squid. Doodling helps with memory, or so I hear.)

Greetings from the suburbs of far-off New Jersey. After a rousing morning spent participating in the 18th Annual Frenkel Family and Friends Touch Football Extravaganza, I find myself back in my childhood bedroom, engaged in my newest Thanksgiving tradition:  law school reading. Still, given the holiday, I wanted to take a quick break from learning about mutual mistake via cases that seem like they would make for a great Pawn Stars episode to list  a few of the things I am thankful for this 1L year, not necessarily in order.

1) Family, particularly the kind that doesn’t mind when one of the kids sneaks away from setting the table so he can do a few hours of reading.

2) A Southern wife, without whom Thanksgiving would be sadly deviled-egg-free. (Also, bonus thanks that she is a 2L wife who is willing to share her outlines.)

3) Skype, so that my relocation to New York doesn’t mean I can’t share a Thanksgiving greeting with my in-laws, be they in New Orleans or in Alicante.

4) Good health enough to allow even a near-30-year-old to stay up late enough to actually do some outlining, even if it no longer seems up to a fourth game of football.

5) Friends outside of law school who pretend not to mind my new habit of bringing up assumption of the risk in every conversation, and friends in law school who let me know just how badly I am butchering the concept when I do.

I think five is enough for now, as reading beckons.  To all who may see this post, whether at home or on campus or elsewhere, a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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