“The end is nigh”: the aggregate mood of the law school student body in November.

Storm clouds blocking out the sun: an accurate rendition of the general mood of law school students in November. (Photo by Zooey)

Many law students have never (or rarely) before experienced this caliber of stress. Despite the myriad warnings received pre-law school, many of us dismiss the proverbial “law school is stressful” as nothing insurmountable. If you discover the stress is more oppressive than you expected, you are not alone. But the NYU Law community is prepared to share and ameliorate the burden.

Stress is a natural part of law school; juggling class readings, supplements, and Lawyering assignments; outlining old notes; and transferring new notes to your outline is cumbersome to anyone. Auspiciously, NYU (aka the school extolled for fostering its students) provides numerous resources. If you find yourself struggling during finals time (or any time while you are at NYU Law), keep in mind the abundant resources that exist solely to help you:

(From the lowest commitment of time/effort to the highest)

1) Calm App

Mindfulness app with soothing sounds, music, and voice recordings to ameliorate stress, aid in meditation and relaxation, or lull you to sleep.

  • Subscription app FREE for students
  • Psychologists recommend meditation to lower stress

2) Student Organizations and Official NYU Law Events

  • Panels (on outlining, finals, why you will survive with a B-…) to dispel stress stemming from confusion or instability
  • Thanksgiving at D’Agostino Hall (law school dorm) to briefly escape studying

3) NYU Law Office of Student Affairs

  • Events (this year, cider and donuts with Dean Morrison and professors!)
  • Encourages you to take a mental health day if you need it

4) NYU Shuttles

FREE to/from several locations around campus and to Brooklyn

  • Get away from campus and experience the city!
  • Shorten your commute

5) Wellness Exchange

  • 24/7 private hotline to discuss any well-being concerns
  • FREE 15-minute consultations with therapists or psychologists to match you with a doctor

6) Student Health Center

Doctors on campus!

  • FREE flu shot
  • Pharmacy for easy pick-up

7) NYU Gyms

FREE to students

  • Two near campus: Palladium (by Union Square) and 404 Fitness (by Hayden Hall dorm)
  • One in Brooklyn

8) MindfulNYU

  • FREE yoga and meditation classes (drop-in)

9) NYU Law Therapists

  • Available in the NYU Law library for easy access
  • Free meetings (limited in number, but a generous amount!)

10) Tickets via NYU Box Office

  • Discounted tickets to go to a show, a sports game, an amusement park, et cetera!

With these resources, you are ready to keep moving forward and win at law school (by preserving your health and happiness)! (Photo by Todd Van Hoosear)

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