Between graduating from college and matriculating at NYU Law, I lived in the same Manhattan apartment.  I appreciated the reprieve from moving, which had been an annual occurrence for me in college.  However, toward the end of my tenancy, the elevator was frequently out of order, the hot water became unreliable, and I found evidence, shall we say, that I was co-habitating with small, furry creatures. So I began to think about moving into campus housing.

Stuart Little, they are not.

It’s no secret that NYU Law is located in arguably the best neighborhood in New York City.  Finding virtually any cuisine you crave is a simple matter of walking a block or two, and the Village is littered with shops of many sorts, a diverse array of bars, and all the necessary stuff like supermarkets and drugstores too.

NYU Law also virtually guarantees housing to its first-year students – in D’Agostino Hall, conveniently located near the two law school buildings, or Mercer Street Residence, a few blocks’ walk away.

To recap: my current abode was succumbing to entropy, and I had a chance to live in the Village.  Resistance was futile.

Chez Moi.

I was assigned to a two-bedroom apartment in Mercer, with a 1L roommate.  I don’t know how they did it, but from a brief housing questionnaire, NYU Law Housing matched me with a roommate with whom I get along famously.  And the apartment!  It’s splendid.  As a Manhattanite, floor space was such a novelty to me.

I cleaned up just for you, dear reader. You're welcome.

Making good use of the large desk provided by NYU.

Full disclosure: I initially balked at the cost.  However, I quickly realized that it’s a great value.  Rent includes cable, internet, and all other utilities, so there are no monthly bills.  Major time-saver!  Also, security guards are vigilantly on duty twenty-four hours a day.  They will make you show your ID, even if they know you – but it makes me feel safe.

And they're pretty fantastic people, too.

If anything goes awry in your Mercer or D’Ag apartment, you need only submit an online work request and it will be attended to in 24 hours or less.  (Once, I had my problem fixed within half an hour!)  Mercer, like D’Agostino, has computer labs, study lounges, washers and dryers, a recreation room, and even a terrace that is a lovely place to read or socialize.  What’s more, the elevators and hot water work brilliantly, and I have yet to see a small furry creature.

In short…

Living in NYU Law housing was so nice, I had to do it twice – I’ll be in Mercer next year, too!

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2 comments on “Student Housing and Me: A Love Story
  1. Lynnette says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I was wondering if you (or another NYU student) could tell me about the difference between the “quieter” and “louder” side of Mercer. I’m curious about how loud things actually can be – is there construction going on on the louder side, or are we talking normal traffic with some honking and occasional sirens?

  2. Ashley Smith, '12 says:

    Hi, Lynette –

    I’ve only lived on the “quiet” (Mercer Street) side, so I can’t speak quite as much to the “louder” (Broadway) side. Compared to Broadway, a lot less traffic goes through Mercer Street, which I like. Sure, you’ll get your occasional sirens, booming stereos, cars in need of a muffler and such, but there are times when it’s so quiet that I wouldn’t necessarily know, unless I looked out my window, that I’m here in New York City.

    Based on a couple visits to friends who live on the Broadway side of Mercer, it does seem to be a little louder over there due to the traffic. However, I imagine this effect decreases when you live on a higher floor.

    Construction in the city can be a bit unpredictable. Actually, for a decent chunk of this past year, I may have been technically on the “loud side” due to construction on the Mercer terrace! However, I’m glad to say that it looks like terrace construction is all done.

    Hope this helps! If you’ve got any more questions, ask away!

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