So, you may have heard that Winter Storm Juno was supposed to bury NYC in feet of snow… or foot of snow… or maybe just five inches of snow. As a recent transplant from Wisconsin, I was particularly unimpressed with the poor snowing—er, showing.

That said, even a measly five or six inches of snow can be awfully pretty. Take a look at some moments I captured of my snowy day.

The beautiful Law School courtyard, snowy and quiet: image5



I was the only person who thought grabbing some groceries on my way home would be strategic. Just kidding. At my local supermarket, two lines stretched from the registers around to the back of the store. On the bright side, I now know every type of juice they sell by heart.










After braving a crowded subway system and an even more crowded grocery store, I was very excited to be home—and the brownstones in my corner of Brooklyn looked beautiful in the snow!








By the next morning, it was clear that we weren’t actually going to have to dig our ways out of our apartments (not in New York City, that is). But the snow that we got made for a very sparkly morning at my train station.image1

If you did experience more snow wherever you were, I hope you made it out unscathed (and had some wintry fun!). As for me, I now have plenty of tuna fish and granola bars in case I do get snowed in at some point this season.

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