The View From 6th Ave.

6th Avenue, with light only from passing vehicles.

I was surprised to see this headline on Buzzfeed: “Sandy’s Memory Fades Fast in Washington.” Although the article focuses more on the policy questions that surround climate change than on the aftermath of the hurricane in the region, the provocative headline made me realize just how different the last few weeks would have been for me had I elected to stay in D.C. rather than coming to NYU.

The View From West Third

The Kimmel Center, source of warm meals in the week following the storm.

It also reminded me of just how thankful I was for how effectively NYU handled the storm and the blackout. When the power went out and rumors started to go around that it wouldn’t be coming back for days, I looked at my feeble supply of water-filled two-liter soda bottles and feared the worst. Fortunately, my worries proved unfounded. In addition to keeping just enough of the basic infrastructure up and running, the school also managed to keep us fed and informed about exactly what was happening and when they expected things to change.

Washington Square Park

A darkened Washington Square Park

It wasn’t just the administration that responded so effectively. Individuals and student groups also rose to the occasion, helping to bring in supplies in the immediate aftermath of the storm for their fellow students, as well as working with other law schools to provide help to those outside the NYU community harder hit by the storm.

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