Two years ago, the summer before my first year at NYU Law, my mom recommended that I read a certain book about law school, to get an inside view into what to expect over the next three years. I’m sure many have read it, and NYU Law even has a copy or two in the library.

Alarm clock

Would my future law school roommates sabotage my attempts to make it to class on time?

While it did provide a lot of helpful info, it also made me absolutely terrified to start school, and convinced me that law school would be some sort of horrible nightmare that I would somehow survive, yet hate in the process. Fears about roommates shutting off my alarm clock so I’d miss class and students stealing books echoed in my brain as 1L orientation drew closer and closer.

And then school started. And the nightmare never actually came true.

After two years, I look back and laugh about the scary law school hype that had invaded my mind. My peers here are amazing, and go out of their way to help each other- it’s a far cry from the sort of sabotaging, scheming environment I had feared I would find. Granted, maybe it’s because I try to find the positive in things, and probably a lot of it depends on the student, institution, and time when you attend, but my first two years at NYU Law have brought me some of the greatest times of my life. Sure, there have been some really tough moments here as well, but overall, when I look back, I think fondly about my times here so far.

Here are three things that I think have helped keep that “nightmare” far, far away:

1) Amazing law school community

I quickly joined a few student grounds as a 1L, and also joined a journal, and I’ve met so many amazing people from those activities. I recently told someone that I would take a bullet for my journal. That’s a stretch, but I sure do enjoy being part of this wonderful community.

2) Making time for fun

I came here convinced that I would spend three years living in NYC and never enjoy any of what the city had to offer. Again, I was so wrong. I’ve made time to go have fun and take advantage of uniquely New York activities. After all, what’s the point of going to school in Greenwich Village if you don’t take some time to go watch the cast of Glee filming in Washington Square Park when the opportunity arises?

3) Taking a deep breath

Law school is a lot of hard work, but in the end you should do the best you can, take a deep breath, and trust that it’ll be okay. Letting some of the pressure off of myself has been very helpful.

So don’t buy into all the scary law school myths. And to my very dear roommates over the years: thank you for all being people who I know wouldn’t go near my alarm clock.

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One comment on “Please Don’t Shut Off My Alarm Clock: Getting Past Those Scary Law School Myths
  1. NYC Birthday says:

    Amanda, no would ever want to sabotage you! You are one of the greatest people, and a blessing to have as part of the NYU Law community!

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