Russell Rennie '17

The stakes were high in the final argument of this year’s Orison S. Marden Moot Court Competition.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

NYU Law has a great network of pro bono programs for students to consider.

Betsy Feuerstein '18

Living abroad while in law school has enriched both my experience of Paris and my legal studies, inspiring me to wonder about such arcane subjects as dog laws.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

There may be no way to eliminate stress when you’re studying for law school exams, but NYU Law goes out of its way to help take the edge off.

Russell Rennie '17

When I want to stop working but am too lazy to leave the NYU Law library, I go into the stacks and try to find the strangest book I can.

Gracie Smith '19

The world is not the same today as it was five months ago when we 1Ls sat in our first lectures.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Every US law student will make an outline at some point. So what exactly is an outline?

Russell Rennie '17

I’ll be honest: applying to clerkships is stressful. But don’t panic! The Judicial Clerkship Office is there to help.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

What are the differences between law schools in India and their counterparts in the US?

Guest Blogger

The High School Law Institute is a student-run organization at NYU Law that teaches high school students about the law and instills confidence in them as budding legal thinkers.

Gracie Smith '19

While it is safe to say most of us are ready for this election to be over and for our country to move forward, NYU Law has provided a great setting for debate, involvement, discussion, and—let’s be honest—commiseration about the issues being raised in this campaign.

Russell Rennie '17

Sometimes in the long, dark-too-early autumn of the soul, it becomes necessary to flee the library and get out, all the way out of Manhattan.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

I’ve been here only since August, but I will certainly miss the NYU Law campus when I have to leave.

Gracie Smith '19

I knew the last five years had given me invaluable work experience, but what if I had forgotten how to be a student?

Destiny Dike '18

A little over a year ago, I was in your shoes: making a law school decision. Here are three things that I found important in choosing a school.

Jessica Wilkins '16

Recently I celebrated my two-year anniversary of living in the Village. For that occasion, I thought I’d share an update on some of my favorite foodie discoveries.

Darien Smith '16

I want to be the best social entrepreneur the world has ever seen, and my legal education will play a large part in that.

Selina Grün LLM '16

Women now represent half of the NYU Law student body. We have more possibilities than ever before, and fear is not an option.

José Luis Lucena Rebollo LLM '16

The International Student Interview Program (ISIP), hosted by NYU Law, draws to campus around 1,600 law students from 32 US schools and representing more than 75 countries. The reason? Over 160 employers have come to hold interviews for law-related positions in the US and abroad. And everything takes place during a single day.

Ameneh Bordi '16

I have really gotten interested in women’s rights since coming to NYU Law, and this panel was a great opportunity for me to listen to people who have made a career out of thinking about these issues.

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