Kiki Hosie '20

A Question of Seasons: Winter at NYU Law

It’s February, and I’m still waiting for my invincible summer. On a frigid Monday eve, I asked a handful of students some winter-related questions.

Tiffany Cheung '19

Lawyering… for Transfers

My Lawyering for Transfers class provides an opportunity to share my experiences with my transfer peers.

Charles Gargano '19

NYU Law’s Unexpected Gems

I found a welcoming student body, helpful professors, and a few unexpected gems that affirmed my decision to transfer.

Haley Patterson '20

Survival Kit for 1L Exam Season

If you discover the stress of the exam period is more than you expected, you are not alone. But the NYU Law community is prepared to share and ameliorate the burden.

Kiki Hosie '20

Lawlessness; or, October in Hollywood

While the impact of Stranger Things certainly was felt in the immediate vicinity of Hollywood, the broader implications of exactly what Stranger Things meant—in both the context of the television market and our current episteme—may be felt on the benches of Washington Square Park.

Haley Patterson '20

Congratulations on Your Admission! Now What?

Law school is often characterized by vague, fear-inducing comments (i.e., the common, ominous advice “Don’t go to law school”). It’s time for a change.

Charles Gargano '19

LSAT → Law School  

For those unaware, on Gray Day the Law School Admission Test scores are released.

Gracie Smith '19

Law School—Living in Fast Forward

They say 1L is the busiest and craziest year of law school, but I’d have to argue that the period between the last month of 1L and the first month of 2L has been the busiest, craziest, and best period of law school so far.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Wrapping Up a Wonderful Year at NYU Law

As we leave these idyllic surroundings, we inherit a world that is divided: a world of hatred and imperfect leaders where representation by the legal profession is required more than ever. We need to go out there and ensure we do justice to what we have learned here.

Ajani Husbands '17

The 3L Externship Path at NYU Law

For students who want a jumpstart on being in a full-time working environment, NYU School of Law offers several options to take 14-credit clinics during 3L year. The structure allows for a year’s worth of real-world experience while still keeping the student grounded in academia. Among NYU Law’s vast array of clinics are nestled three […]

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

The Classroom Experience

Performing well in a law school classroom depends on many different variables.

Betsy Feuerstein '18

NYU Law Abroad in Paris: Dogs and Politics

Living abroad while in law school has enriched both my experience of Paris and my legal studies, inspiring me to wonder about such arcane subjects as dog laws.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Finals and I Felt Fine

There may be no way to eliminate stress when you’re studying for law school exams, but NYU Law goes out of its way to help take the edge off.