When I was attending admitted students’ weekends at law schools, I had the overwhelming sense that the top law schools are very similar.  The classrooms all have computers, desks, chairs.  The professors are all extremely knowledgeable in their fields.  Students all get the same amount of sleep (or lack thereof).  You’ll take many of the same first-year classes and read the same cases.  But I’ve discovered there is one important difference: the people you take those classes with, tread through those cases with, compare professors with and miss out on sleep with. Heading into my fourth month of law school, I’d like to introduce you to the students of NYU Law:

Words "Hello! :)"

1. The young and the restless a.k.a. the students straight out of undergrad.  These students are most likely to wear their college hoodies to class and treat law school socials like they’re rush events.  But, in order to get into a phenomenal law school like NYU without interesting job experience, you have to be pretty talented.  These students have the advantage of retaining study skills from the classes they just finished a few months ago.

2. The commuters a.k.a. the students with lives outside of law school. NYU law students live all over the city, so you will have classmates commuting an hour plus from Queens or thirty minutes from Brooklyn each day.  These students may have spouses or may have worked in NYC for years before law school.  Regardless, it’s refreshing to have friends who know what things are like “on the outside.”


3. The person passionate about _____ (fill in the blank).  Being “a private school in the public interest,” many of your classmates are here for inspiring causes you may not even have known existed.

4. Students representing clients a mere few months after their first class.

5. Students who join every student organization NYU has to offer (and they are too numerous to count!)

6. Students who attend meetings with the students who join everything, just because they’re hungry.


7. 2L’s ready to tell you all their secrets to success, whether or not they actually succeeded.

8. 1Ls who believe anything 2Ls tell them.

9. Students who make law school puns. You’ll catch them updating their Facebook status with quotes from cases they’ve just read that none of their non-law school friends will understand.

Man with a Book as his Face

10. Flag football fanatics. Some students here take our intra-law school extracurricular sports very seriously.  Naming your own team after yourself probably places you in this category.

Flag Football

Where do I fit into these categories? I’d argue that I’m a healthy combination of several, but I will brag that my Lawyering section’s flag football team is currently undefeated as we head into play-offs.

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2 comments on “Law School Admits: Meet Your Future Classmates
  1. Scott says:

    Love the list Amber!

    It reminds me of one I saw on BitterLawyer.com. Compare your #3 to their #1 “The Immaculate Altruist”: http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=120550 (you have to scroll down a bit). I guess all law schools have the same types of students!!!

  2. James says:

    This reminds me of my days at NYU, I really miss that place!

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