It should come as no surprise that law school is stressful, even for a 3L.  I needed a respite from my A-Paper, from board responsibilities for my journal, and from my full courseload.  I needed to carve out a retreat from the familiar monotony of home to library to class to journal office to class to library to home that had become my weekly routine.  I needed to meditate.

My first visit to the Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn was in late September, when I stumbled in – not knowing anyone and not having meditated in at least four years.  Nevertheless, the small group of twenty- and thirtysomethings eagerly welcomed me.  After the first 20 minutes of meditating, my uncertainty about this new activity quickly subsided.  After the second 20 minutes I realized that I had located a permanent fixture in my life.

The following day in law school, I was exuberant and energized, eagerly telling my friends about “this great meditation place I went to last night.”  Despite a typically busy workload, I remained clam and collected throughout the semester.

Now, nearly six months later, I have taken full ownership of the JMC.  I’m welcoming newcomers on beginner nights and am contributing to group discussions.  I’ve taken on leadership responsibilities such as updating the group’s Facebook page and soon hoping to lead meditations.  I am certain that the time I spend meditating is time well-spent: I feel so rejuvenated after that I am able to do more with each hour during the course of the week, and I’m more disciplined about how I structure my day.  In short, I’ve found a home away from home.

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2 comments on “How Does a Law Student De-Stress?
  1. Scot says:

    Rock the bar this week Lee!

  2. Meditation says:

    Hi Lee,

    So good to read a story like yours. I find it amazing how few people meditate on a regular basis and to know that you are getting into it so deeply and so quickly is great. I truly wish there had been somewhere like the JMC for me when I was at university, sadly there was not and it was years later that I found myself discovering meditation. I guess that is part of the reason for wanting to set up my own meditation school sometime, till then I will keep going with my website and do my best to reach as many people as possible, helping them to destress, relax and enhance their lives. Hopefully the various guided meditation tracks that I have recorded can help those who are lacking something like the JMC.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you and seeing where your meditation journey takes you. I hope it is somewhere wonderful!

    Good luck with your Law course too! I’m sure being calmer will help you massively.



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