One of the things I wasn’t worried about when arriving at NYU Law from Los Angeles was finding my way around the school.  Everything you need to do while at the law school – studying, eating, stealthily napping – takes place in Vanderbilt Hall or Furman Hall.

Since they’re across the street from each other, I never thought that getting from one to the other would be very difficult.  Even the age-old lesson of looking both ways before crossing the street didn’t really apply, since the street that divides the two buildings happens to be a one-way.  Looking one way before crossing one street to get from one building to another: seemed simple enough.

Vanderbilt Hall

Furman Hall

Furman Hall

But as fall turned to winter and the temperature dipped to sub-freezing levels (I may or may not be exaggerating here; I certainly felt like I was freezing), I realized just how wrong I was.  Going outside to cross the street is no longer an option for this Californian, whose idea of fancy footwear is Rainbow sandals—sort of high-priced flip flops. (On most days, Old Navy flip flops suffice.) But as the cruel world would have it, the only way to get from Vanderbilt/Furman to Furman/Vanderbilt is through the law school library.

So every day, I find myself in a dilemma whenever I want to change venues: do I go outside and face the cold, or do I go through the library and brave the sound of typing, printing, studying, and people getting smarter?

The answer, like so many things in law school, is it depends.  And when I can’t decide what to do, I usually just do as the law does: stay put.

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  1. Tamari says:

    u guys live in college dorms.right?

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