Finals and I Felt Fine

Just a light breakfast at Feast for Finals

There may be no way to eliminate stress when you’re studying for law school exams, but NYU Law goes out of its way to help take the edge off, as I discovered at the end of my first semester.

Nourishment Throughout Exams

During the finals period, Culinart provided free coffee and bagels in Golding Lounge. That really helped right before exams, when you needed a caffeine boost without worrying about change or payments. Thanks to Clifford Chance, there were also kettle corn and Doughnuttery doughnuts. Along with all this, many of the student groups also offered free coffee breaks, with some sending their board members candy treats (I received a Kit Kat!). All of us were left feeling really pampered.

Feast for Finals: An Event

It’s not often that a law school dean serves you food. At 8:00 a.m., just at the start of finals week, the NYU Law administrators got together to serve us potatoes, bacon, muffins, sausages, fresh fruit, bagels, and more. It was such a heavy treat, but the strong coffee ensured we didn’t feel sleepy before our exams. The impressive breakfast was a reminder of how the Law School staff is always there for us and wishes us well.

Free Chair Massages

Yes, you read that right. NYU Law hosted a group of specialists who offered appointments for chair massages in Furman Hall. And they did it not once, but twice. The first time was in Hayden Hall’s game room before finals week began. The second occasion was during exam week, and people signed up online. There’s nothing like taking an exam and then having someone take a crack at your sore muscles. I actually felt my spine that day and learned what an “adjustment” was. I walked out of both sessions feeling rejuvenated and wondering if we could have more of these. It might be the one time you actually thank your stars for having exams.

Resources Throughout Finals

That’s not the end of the administration’s support. You could go into the Office of Academic Services to pick up a snack bar to power up. Before the exams began, an IT staff member was always ready to help people solve their computer-related queries. The exam room environment was truly supportive, with handy reminders about how much time we had left. The staff was always friendly, wishing us luck before we started.

NYU Law also arranged events such as a free visit to SoulCycle. The Law School was very thoughtful in doing so much to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. For prospective students who might be wondering, the NYU Law community will take care of you once you get here.