I am finding that much of the learning at NYU takes place outside of the classroom. For me, Monday evening is a particularly enriching and educational time.

Every Monday at 7:15 p.m., I meet with about 10 NYU law students, a pastor from a nearby church (who is a former lawyer), and a Christian campus ministry leader.  We eat dinner together and then go through a Bible study.  The group is called Christian Legal Fellowship.

Nourishment for the body, nourishment for the soul.

Some people might wonder why and how this group is present and active at NYU Law.  What place does religion have on a law school campus?  Why would you ever discuss such a personal issue as faith in such a public forum?  What does Christianity have to do with the law?

These are all good questions, and I don’t have answers to all of them.  I do know why I’m in the group: to explore the interrelationship between the practice of law and Christian faith (conveniently, that happens to be one of the main goals of CLF).  I’m as much a Christian as I am a law student – I figure it makes sense to learn how to be faithful to all the layers of my identity.

This sort of outside-the-classroom learning is one of the underrated aspects of law school.  Law school really isn’t just about making outlines, getting into study groups, and acing exams.  Being able to challenge myself and explore how the law will impact all aspects of my life – not just the professional – is part of the educational process.  And I’m learning a lot.

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3 comments on “Christianity and the Law: Faithful to Both
  1. Simply just to show you your blog appears truly strange in Mozilla on a linux.

  2. Good to see Christians in these University Law Programs, bring some ethics and morals back to this state and country.

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