Betsy Feuerstein '18

NYU Law Abroad in Paris: Dogs and Politics

Living abroad while in law school has enriched both my experience of Paris and my legal studies, inspiring me to wonder about such arcane subjects as dog laws.

Carter Nelson '16

Memoirs of NYU Law Paris

If you want a more relaxed semester studying international law while surrounded by beauty, culture, and high-quality cheeses, I highly recommend looking into NYU Law Paris.

Dylan Glazier LLM '16

Is an LLM the Next Step for You?

If you have a passion for law school, and you want to work on an international scale, an LLM can bring with it only advantages.

Darien Smith '16

Shanghai Surprises

Before leaving New York for Shanghai, I never imagined two bustling global financial centers 8,000 miles away from each other would be so similar.

Katherine Erickson '15

La Catedral

“I speak tango, I dance Spanish,” I murmured to myself—a spur-of-the-moment mantra I found oddly comforting throughout my tango lesson in Buenos Aires.

Kathleen Kaffer '15

Life in Shanghai

Time is flying by, and I am eager to continue to explore Shanghai and the neighboring areas. There is so much to see, it is never boring.

Harold Robinson '14

NYU Law’s French Connection

When I discovered that the Law School was beginning a new study-abroad program, the prospect of learning a foreign legal system excited me—and the prospect that it could take place in Paris probably excited me a bit more.

Kathleen Kaffer '15

Picturing Shanghai

When NYU announced it was creating the Shanghai study-abroad program, I knew that I had to go as soon as possible, and was lucky to be admitted as a 2L.

Annie Hillman '14

Greetings from Buenos Aires

I chose to apply to study abroad in Buenos Aires because the courses available offered a perfect mix of public interest, government, and private-sector topics, and because I wanted to improve my rusty Spanish while living somewhere I had never been.