Peter Dubrowski '14

Tales from the Law Library: My Life as a Research Assistant

Most 1Ls, by May, look forward to putting the law library behind them. For research assistants, however, the library soon becomes a second home. Here’s what I thought about my summer pretending to be a law professor in NYU’s research assistant program.

Tracy Ngochua (LL.M. ’12)

NYU Law LL.M. Scholarships

Special receptions provide the perfect venue for many of the LL.M. scholars from different cultural and professional backgrounds to mingle and interact among themselves and with the rest of the NYU Law community in a more casual, non-classroom atmosphere.

Amber Rudolphi '13

I am the 5%

Although law schools have attempted to diversify their student bodies over the years, a recent study casts strong doubt as to the effectiveness of these initiatives with respect to socioeconomic diversity. I offer my perspective on the issue based on my realization that I am among the 5%.

Peter Dubrowski '14

On Incomplete Information

Law and Economics is inescapable your 1L year. It is also perfectly understandable—even for arithmophobes like me.

Lee Leviter '11

How I Learned to Love the Philosophy and Law

If you’d told me two years ago that I’d be writing philosophy papers, I would have laughed in your face. But the Colloquium on Law, Economics and Politics changed my mind.