Ajani Husbands '17

Revival of the African Law Association

In a student organization, you have an opportunity to craft programs that expose students to real-world practitioners in law, policy, grassroots activism, and a host of other areas.

Jonathan Levin '17

From Gaudi to Gama: My 1L Summer Job

My summer included an internship working with the Secretariat at The Hague Conference on Private International Law, and a chance to explore five countries in less than three months.

Ameneh Bordi '16

Alternative Spring Break: Alaska!

The Alternative Spring Break trip to Alaska was an awesome public service opportunity for someone who is interested in social and economic justice.

Ben Mejia '15

Clinical Trials

While it’s a lot of work for my third year, I’m glad to be taking a clinic.

Justin Keslowitz '15

Clinically Excited for 3L Year Update

I was correct to be “clinically” excited for 3L year, as my experience in NYU’s Business Law Transactions Clinic has been even more fulfilling than I anticipated!

Carter Nelson '16

How to Succeed in Finding the Right Summer Job By Really Trying

One of the perks of being a student at NYU Law is that the school’s respected reputation provides its students with many opportunities. My summer is a great example of the ample options available to students who are willing to be creative and work hard to find the opportunities they want.

Justin Keslowitz '15

Clinically Excited for 3L Year

I am determined to make sure that my law school swan song has some meaning. Part of that meaning, I hope, will come from my participation in the Business Law Transactions Clinic.

Peter Dubrowski '14

20 Years of Giving Back

NYU Law’s Public Service Auction is a massive undertaking that touches nearly every corner of the Law School community, and it’s incredibly impressive to see it pulled off every year.