Gutemberg Pacheco Lopes Junior LLM '20

Three Moments in New York City

Life at NYU Law makes me look back at three moments I have experienced in the City That Never Sleeps.

Olena Botshteyn LLM '19

Five Fun Winter Activities in NYC

As an international student, I want to make the most of my stay in New York. Here are my top five fun activities I did this winter.

Olena Botshteyn LLM '19

A Law Student’s Fresh-Air Gym Alternative: Hiking!

One of the advantages of being a part of the LLM student community is that when somebody gets an idea to travel somewhere or do something fun, you can just say, “I’m in,” and have a great plan for the weekend.

Kiki Hosie '20

A Supreme Court Justice Meets an Elephant…with Vertigo

My jaw dropped. I looked at everyone to confirm that I hadn’t utterly lost my mind, and then I spat out, “I’m so sorry, I am in your way,” stepping to the side with as much grace as an elephant with vertigo.

Kiki Hosie '20

A Question of Seasons: Winter at NYU Law

It’s February, and I’m still waiting for my invincible summer. On a frigid Monday eve, I asked a handful of students some winter-related questions.

Charles Gargano '19

NYU Law’s Unexpected Gems

I found a welcoming student body, helpful professors, and a few unexpected gems that affirmed my decision to transfer.

Kiki Hosie '20

Lawlessness; or, October in Hollywood

While the impact of Stranger Things certainly was felt in the immediate vicinity of Hollywood, the broader implications of exactly what Stranger Things meant—in both the context of the television market and our current episteme—may be felt on the benches of Washington Square Park.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Wrapping Up a Wonderful Year at NYU Law

As we leave these idyllic surroundings, we inherit a world that is divided: a world of hatred and imperfect leaders where representation by the legal profession is required more than ever. We need to go out there and ensure we do justice to what we have learned here.

Jessica Wilkins '16

Law School Local Eats

Recently I celebrated my two-year anniversary of living in the Village. For that occasion, I thought I’d share an update on some of my favorite foodie discoveries.