Gutemberg Pacheco Lopes Junior LLM '20

Three Moments in New York City

Life at NYU Law makes me look back at three moments I have experienced in the City That Never Sleeps.

Olena Botshteyn LLM '19

Five Fun Winter Activities in NYC

As an international student, I want to make the most of my stay in New York. Here are my top five fun activities I did this winter.

Kiki Hosie '20

A Supreme Court Justice Meets an Elephant…with Vertigo

My jaw dropped. I looked at everyone to confirm that I hadn’t utterly lost my mind, and then I spat out, “I’m so sorry, I am in your way,” stepping to the side with as much grace as an elephant with vertigo.

Kiki Hosie '20

A Question of Seasons: Winter at NYU Law

It’s February, and I’m still waiting for my invincible summer. On a frigid Monday eve, I asked a handful of students some winter-related questions.

Haley Patterson '20

Congratulations on Your Admission! Now What?

Law school is often characterized by vague, fear-inducing comments (i.e., the common, ominous advice “Don’t go to law school”). It’s time for a change.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Wrapping Up a Wonderful Year at NYU Law

As we leave these idyllic surroundings, we inherit a world that is divided: a world of hatred and imperfect leaders where representation by the legal profession is required more than ever. We need to go out there and ensure we do justice to what we have learned here.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

A Tour of NYU Law (with Photos)

I’ve been here only since August, but I will certainly miss the NYU Law campus when I have to leave.

Jessica Wilkins '16

Law School Local Eats

Recently I celebrated my two-year anniversary of living in the Village. For that occasion, I thought I’d share an update on some of my favorite foodie discoveries.

Jessica Wilkins '16

Adventures in Land Use Law with Professor Hills

As part of his Land Use Regulation course, Professor Roderick M. Hills, Jr. requires all students to attend a land use hearing and write a memo on the experience. Attending a hearing, as it turned out, was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had so far in law school.

Dylan Glazier LLM '16

Is an LLM the Next Step for You?

If you have a passion for law school, and you want to work on an international scale, an LLM can bring with it only advantages.