Carter Nelson '16

Lessons for Law School Learned from French Cinema

Sometimes the flexible rules of storytelling in surrealistic cinema are the best tools to communicate some essential aspect of reality. Likewise, the problems our legal system addresses are incredibly complex, and the solutions to these problems are anything but obvious.

Peter Dubrowski '14

The *Real* Law Review (U-E)

There’s this weird tradition in American law schools that seems particularly out of place in a world of musty casebooks, crippling workloads, and reflexively competitive people. Every year, all across this great nation of ours, future litigators, judges, educators, and businessmen stop studying, put on stage makeup, and pretend like they’re actors in the strange, sometimes scary ritual of legal education we call Law Revue.

Nate Stein '15

The Curve

As you probably know, there is a curve in law school.

Nate Stein '15

And We’re Back

I am in the majority. I am part of the approximately two-thirds of students who are starting law school after a gap in their schoolings. It’s good to be back. School is still the same as I remember: a huge collection of people my age who over-fill auditoriums and clap very loudly. If orientation week was any indication, law school is going to be no different, except there is a lot more free food, and this time around my handwriting is much worse.

Rohit Dave '13

Confessions of a Supreme Court Groupie

Sure, I may get a thrill seeing Will Smith walking the streets of New York City. But that compares nothing to how a law student feels hearing Stephen Breyer or Clarence Thomas speak.

Andrea Ravich '12

A Week in the Life of a Second Year Law Student

I understand that my life reads like a brochure for the law school; but how can I not take advantage of this embarrassment of riches? We’re lucky to be in a place that keeps us so busy. I’ll sacrifice sleep for that.

Sam Raymond '11

A Lawyer’s Trivial Pursuits

Lawyers are highly educated and incredibly competitive. I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in my love of trivia contests.

Sean Aasen '11

I’m in New York: So Where Are the Celebrities?

I am working hard to finish this post. Why? Because I am going to a taping of The Colbert Report this evening. Am I excited? Does the Rooker-Feldman doctrine prohibit lower federal courts from sitting in direct review of state court decisions??