Alec Webley '16

Gay in LA

As marriage equality looks increasingly inevitable, attention is turning to another great civil rights battle for LGBT people: the struggle against workplace discrimination.

Guest Blogger

Why Law Journals Matter

Amanda Levendowski ’14 was compelled to respond to a recent New York Times piece critical of law journals with a response of her own.

Amber Rudolphi '13

I am the 5%

Although law schools have attempted to diversify their student bodies over the years, a recent study casts strong doubt as to the effectiveness of these initiatives with respect to socioeconomic diversity. I offer my perspective on the issue based on my realization that I am among the 5%.

Amber Rudolphi '13

The Showdown: NYU vs. Columbia

Debating between attending either NYU or Columbia Law School? Rather than relying on a Magic 8 Ball, read this post, based on both facts and the perspectives of students from each school, to discover the differences and make your decision.

Amber Rudolphi '13

1L Year in a Nutshell

Curious as to what your 1L year at NYU will entail? Here is a brief overview to satisfy that curiosity.

Amanda Ploch '12

Tackling Law School’s Writing Requirement

All J.D. students must fulfill the Substantial Writing requirement, writing an extensive paper on a topic of their choosing. Time for me to tackle this thing head on.

Lee Leviter '11

Law Students as Editors: A Tough Crowd

The air was bursting with Spring in Washington Square Park. Of course, we weren’t there to enjoy the weather. No, I was with fellow journal members, and we were discussing what I had to fix in my 10,000-word paper.

Lee Leviter '11

The Interview

In mid-February, I interviewed to be one of four executive editors of the Journal of International Law and Politics. For two reasons, this interview was unlike any I have ever had.