Haley Patterson '20

1L Career Guide

Everything is new in 1L, and the career jargon is no different.

Haley Patterson '20

To Attend or Not to Attend: Firm Receptions

Many of us 1Ls have found ourselves wondering how the nightly firm receptions would fit into our schedules this semester. I have compiled the most common reasons to attend these events—or not.

Gracie Smith '19

Law School—Living in Fast Forward

They say 1L is the busiest and craziest year of law school, but I’d have to argue that the period between the last month of 1L and the first month of 2L has been the busiest, craziest, and best period of law school so far.

Ajani Husbands '17

The 3L Externship Path at NYU Law

For students who want a jumpstart on being in a full-time working environment, NYU School of Law offers several options to take 14-credit clinics during 3L year. The structure allows for a year’s worth of real-world experience while still keeping the student grounded in academia. Among NYU Law’s vast array of clinics are nestled three […]

Russell Rennie '17

Making Judicial Clerkships Happen

I’ll be honest: applying to clerkships is stressful. But don’t panic! The Judicial Clerkship Office is there to help.

José Luis Lucena Rebollo LLM '16

International Student Interview Program: The Most Important Day for an LLM

The International Student Interview Program (ISIP), hosted by NYU Law, draws to campus around 1,600 law students from 32 US schools and representing more than 75 countries. The reason? Over 160 employers have come to hold interviews for law-related positions in the US and abroad. And everything takes place during a single day.

Ameneh Bordi '16

3L Advice: Choosing a Law Firm

I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve been giving younger students on how to choose a law firm.

Jonathan Levin '17

From Gaudi to Gama: My 1L Summer Job

My summer included an internship working with the Secretariat at The Hague Conference on Private International Law, and a chance to explore five countries in less than three months.

Ameneh Bordi '16

The TA Table

As a teaching assistant, I have the chance to get to know not only two professors, but also classmates outside of my year.

Ameneh Bordi '16

Riding the 2L Wave

1L is a completely new experience, and it requires being focused and on your study game 100 percent. But there is a new and different challenge that emerges in 2L: namely, learning to balance the competing demands of school and life.

Emma Trotter '16

California Dreamin’

I didn’t know before pursuing a summer job at a California firm that some of the features of bicoastal interviewing I feared most would turn out to be strengths masquerading as flaws.