Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Wrapping Up a Wonderful Year at NYU Law

As we leave these idyllic surroundings, we inherit a world that is divided: a world of hatred and imperfect leaders where representation by the legal profession is required more than ever. We need to go out there and ensure we do justice to what we have learned here.

Ajani Husbands '17

The 3L Externship Path at NYU Law

For students who want a jumpstart on being in a full-time working environment, NYU School of Law offers several options to take 14-credit clinics during 3L year. The structure allows for a year’s worth of real-world experience while still keeping the student grounded in academia. Among NYU Law’s vast array of clinics are nestled three […]

Ben Mejia '15

Clinical Trials

While it’s a lot of work for my third year, I’m glad to be taking a clinic.

Justin Keslowitz '15

Clinically Excited for 3L Year Update

I was correct to be “clinically” excited for 3L year, as my experience in NYU’s Business Law Transactions Clinic has been even more fulfilling than I anticipated!

Justin Keslowitz '15

Clinically Excited for 3L Year

I am determined to make sure that my law school swan song has some meaning. Part of that meaning, I hope, will come from my participation in the Business Law Transactions Clinic.

Sacha Baniel-Stark '15

Clinical Trial

Not only are clinics great for bonding and ridiculous stories, but they’re a fantastic way to gain those real-life lawyer skills that law school supposedly doesn’t teach its students.

Amber Rudolphi '13

Course Selection: The Path Not (Commonly) Taken

Law students must take a certain number of doctrinal classes to graduate, but otherwise, we have flexibility in selecting courses and creating our own schedules. Seminars, clinics, and simulation courses take law students outside the classroom setting and provide us with skills key to our future careers.

Edward Han '12

NYU Law in Alabama

So how did I wind up in a situation where I was living in the Deep South and immersing myself in work that I hadn’t had much exposure to before law school?

I got lucky.

Amber Rudolphi '13

The Showdown: NYU vs. Columbia

Debating between attending either NYU or Columbia Law School? Rather than relying on a Magic 8 Ball, read this post, based on both facts and the perspectives of students from each school, to discover the differences and make your decision.

Amber Rudolphi '13

1L Year in a Nutshell

Curious as to what your 1L year at NYU will entail? Here is a brief overview to satisfy that curiosity.

Lee Leviter '11

Reconsidering the Backlash Against Legal Clinics

Public law schools have come under fire for their law clinics’ legal battles against powerful interest groups. But as a law student, I’ve seen that clinics are critical to a sound legal education.