Luping Zhang LLM '14

The Second-to-Last Song

For my last post as an NYU Law student, I decided not to talk about graduation but rather the things I wish I had done here during my LLM studies.

Tracy Huang '14

Lectures, Clinics, and Seminars–Oh My!

Students who are considering NYU Law might wonder what kinds of classes they can take after the first year of law school. Options abound: clinics, seminars, colloquiums, lectures, and simulations. Here’s a quick overview of what is available to you in your second and third years.

Nate Stein '15

Interview with a 2L: Gerard Cicero

I sat down with Gerard Cicero, a 2L, this week to ask him a few questions about NYU Law from the perspective of a student.

Luping Zhang LLM '14

Summer Course, Fall Course, Spring Again

Memories of the intro course had not faded away even as the last semester of LLM studying was approaching. I could still recall how, in July 2013, I was going to waive my intro course at first. Now I have finished Legal Research I in summer and Legal Research II in fall, and witnessed how […]

Annie Hillman '14

Greetings from Buenos Aires

I chose to apply to study abroad in Buenos Aires because the courses available offered a perfect mix of public interest, government, and private-sector topics, and because I wanted to improve my rusty Spanish while living somewhere I had never been.

Luping Zhang LLM '14

An Informal Comparative Study of US Law and Chinese Law

When I was reading contracts law this evening, I suddenly found another angle to dig out the answer to a classic question: What is the difference between a civil law system and a common law system?

Christopher Porcelli '16

I’m a Real Law Student!

Besides the fact that I was in the library until it closed tonight, there are a few other telltale signs that my classmates and I are officially law students now.

Sacha Baniel-Stark '15

Clinical Trial

Not only are clinics great for bonding and ridiculous stories, but they’re a fantastic way to gain those real-life lawyer skills that law school supposedly doesn’t teach its students.

Luping Zhang LLM '14

Mountains Beyond Mountains

How I describe my LL.M. life so far: plainer than you think, deeper than you imagine.

Christopher Porcelli '16

Big Fish

As I meet my peers, I am astonished over and over again. No longer are we all the superstars we had become in our previous places. We are not the big fish in a little pond anymore. Thinking about that can be kind of intimidating.

Tracy Huang '14

Lawyering: Or, How to Succeed By Really Trying

What is the most important course that you will take in your 1L year? If you’re at New York University School of Law, the first word that should escape your lips is “Lawyering.” From that first class during orientation where you debate whether a bicycle qualifies as a vehicle in a park to that last course where you persuade a judge that your client should win, Lawyering teaches you invaluable skills in legal research, writing, counseling, and negotiation that will impress your summer employers.

Carter Nelson '16

Fear of the Unknowns

My greatest fear in coming to law school was the rest of my class.

Rohit Dave '13

A Decade at Washington Square

I have spent the majority of my adulthood at Washington Square Park and at NYU, which makes it nearly superfluous to say that I have grown during my time here. However, graduation from the Law School presents a new sense of purpose as I venture back into the frays of the world beyond academia.

Nate Stein '15

Interview with a 1L: Amy Wolfe

I sat down with Amy Wolfe, a 1L, this week to ask her a few questions about NYU Law School from the perspective of a student.

Amanda Russo '15

What Exactly IS “Lawyering”?

Apart from the breadth of its academic and career resources, renowned professors, and beautiful buildings in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU Law offers something else that no other school can match: Lawyering.

Peter Dubrowski '14

Advice from 90 2.5Ls

A couple days ago, a colleague asked our Facebook group a question on behalf of a friend: “What is the one thing you wish someone had told you before beginning your 1L year at NYU?” Notwithstanding the fact that the first poster replied “RUN AWAY,” the thread actually became a sort of constructive brainstorm on the part of 90 people who had suddenly found themselves halfway done with law school. So here below I reproduce some of the gems of the conversation.

Jordan Joske '14

The Home Stretch: Finals Prep Advice for 1Ls

As a TA, I get a lot of questions from my students about finals. I would like to pass on some of the things that I took away from my experience as a 1L regarding exam preparation.