Selina Grün LLM '16

Learning to Fail and Embracing It

Nobody likes to fail. Drawing from my experiences during the past six weeks of classes at NYU, I can wholeheartedly admit that I have failed.

Ben Mejia '15

Clinical Trials

While it’s a lot of work for my third year, I’m glad to be taking a clinic.

Ameneh Bordi '16

The TA Table

As a teaching assistant, I have the chance to get to know not only two professors, but also classmates outside of my year.

Shuyue Tan LLM '15

Pros and Cons of Study Groups

What are our incentives to set up a study group? Whatever our motivations may be, I decided to assess the pros and cons of study groups after meeting with mine.

Ameneh Bordi '16

Riding the 2L Wave

1L is a completely new experience, and it requires being focused and on your study game 100 percent. But there is a new and different challenge that emerges in 2L: namely, learning to balance the competing demands of school and life.

Justin Keslowitz '15

Clinically Excited for 3L Year Update

I was correct to be “clinically” excited for 3L year, as my experience in NYU’s Business Law Transactions Clinic has been even more fulfilling than I anticipated!

Jonathan Levin '17

1L Redux: Life as a 1.2L

It’s with a firm sense of confidence that I arrive back on the steps of Vanderbilt as a 1.2L.

Emma Trotter '16

Stacks Law

NYU School of Law is a good place for a book-lover to end up, certainly. During my first year, it was exciting and challenging to devote myself to reading again. But an even greater treat was waiting for me the summer after my 1L year: I had landed an internship in the legal department of the New York Public Library.

Shuyue Tan LLM '15

Engage, Engage, Engage!

When I talk about engagement, I am not talking only about being engaged in classes.

Justin Keslowitz '15

Clinically Excited for 3L Year

I am determined to make sure that my law school swan song has some meaning. Part of that meaning, I hope, will come from my participation in the Business Law Transactions Clinic.

Ameneh Bordi '16

A Path Less Traveled

Beyond being a good entry point to a conversation, my untraditional path to law school has, I think, been a blessing to me.