Haley Patterson '20

1L Career Guide

Everything is new in 1L, and the career jargon is no different.

Kiki Hosie '20

A Supreme Court Justice Meets an Elephant…with Vertigo

My jaw dropped. I looked at everyone to confirm that I hadn’t utterly lost my mind, and then I spat out, “I’m so sorry, I am in your way,” stepping to the side with as much grace as an elephant with vertigo.

Haley Patterson '20

To Attend or Not to Attend: Firm Receptions

Many of us 1Ls have found ourselves wondering how the nightly firm receptions would fit into our schedules this semester. I have compiled the most common reasons to attend these events—or not.

Haley Patterson '20

Survival Kit for 1L Exam Season

If you discover the stress of the exam period is more than you expected, you are not alone. But the NYU Law community is prepared to share and ameliorate the burden.

Samarth Chaddha LLM '17

Finals and I Felt Fine

There may be no way to eliminate stress when you’re studying for law school exams, but NYU Law goes out of its way to help take the edge off.

José Luis Lucena Rebollo LLM '16

International Student Interview Program: The Most Important Day for an LLM

The International Student Interview Program (ISIP), hosted by NYU Law, draws to campus around 1,600 law students from 32 US schools and representing more than 75 countries. The reason? Over 160 employers have come to hold interviews for law-related positions in the US and abroad. And everything takes place during a single day.

Ameneh Bordi '16

Women Leading Women Panel at NYU Law

I have really gotten interested in women’s rights since coming to NYU Law, and this panel was a great opportunity for me to listen to people who have made a career out of thinking about these issues.

Jonathan Levin '17

1L: Sotomayor and SCOTUS Lore

I don’t know quite how to describe what I imagined when I envisioned what a Supreme Court justice would look or sound like.