Haley Patterson '20

Congratulations on Your Admission! Now What?

Law school is often characterized by vague, fear-inducing comments (i.e., the common, ominous advice “Don’t go to law school”). It’s time for a change.

Destiny Dike '18

On Making Your Law School Choice

A little over a year ago, I was in your shoes: making a law school decision. Here are three things that I found important in choosing a school.

Jonathan Levin '17

1L Redux: Life as a 1.2L

It’s with a firm sense of confidence that I arrive back on the steps of Vanderbilt as a 1.2L.

Dan Gibbons '14

Unsolicited Advice from a Jaded 3L to Prospective Law Students

I am now in my final semester, and at this veteran stage in my 21-year academic career, I feel as qualified as ever to deliver my take on what to make out of all of the madness and insanity surrounding this thing they call law school.

Christopher Porcelli '16

Big Fish

As I meet my peers, I am astonished over and over again. No longer are we all the superstars we had become in our previous places. We are not the big fish in a little pond anymore. Thinking about that can be kind of intimidating.

Carter Nelson '16

Fear of the Unknowns

My greatest fear in coming to law school was the rest of my class.

Peter Dubrowski '14

Advice from 90 2.5Ls

A couple days ago, a colleague asked our Facebook group a question on behalf of a friend: “What is the one thing you wish someone had told you before beginning your 1L year at NYU?” Notwithstanding the fact that the first poster replied “RUN AWAY,” the thread actually became a sort of constructive brainstorm on the part of 90 people who had suddenly found themselves halfway done with law school. So here below I reproduce some of the gems of the conversation.

Tracy Huang '14

I Came, I Saw, I Learned: A Primer for a Self-Guided Tour of NYU Law

Visiting NYU School of Law definitely helped me make my decision to come here. But what if you can’t attend an Admitted Students Day, are still waiting to hear back, or are deciding whether to apply? Hopefully, this entry can help you make the most of a self-guided tour.

Amber Rudolphi '13

I am the 5%

Although law schools have attempted to diversify their student bodies over the years, a recent study casts strong doubt as to the effectiveness of these initiatives with respect to socioeconomic diversity. I offer my perspective on the issue based on my realization that I am among the 5%.

Tracy Ngochua (LL.M. ’12)

Tips When Applying for an NYU LL.M.

Due to the variety of the available course selections, the sterling roster of  NYU Law faculty, and the sheer diversity of the graduate students admitted, the NYU LL.M. program is arguably one of the more popular and sought-after postgraduate programs in the world. While the application instructions featured on the NYU Law website are fairly […]

Rohit Dave '13

3 Reasons I’m Glad I Said Yes to Law School

Like a lot of people, I struggled with the idea of going back to school, especially since I wasn’t sure where it would lead me. But three months into my first year, I am happy with my decision. Here’s why.