Being Involved in Campus Life as a Transfer: Is There a Place for You?

Yes, absolutely! I honestly had no expectations of being actively involved in extracurricular activities on campus coming in as a transfer. I was realistic—I understood that involvement in student groups begins in your 1L year, leading to more involvement during your 2L and 3L years by joining the boards of these organizations. I was, to my surprise, wrong.

I love how the NYU Law community actively embraces its transfer students and makes them feel no different than the students that joined as 1Ls. Student groups such as the Women of Color Collective (WoCC) have created positions especially for transfer students on their boards. Through WoCC, on whose board I currently sit, I have met so many new people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise!

This past week, WoCC held its annual Mr. WoCC charity event. Along with another 2L, I had the opportunity to plan the event—from coordinating logistics with NYU facilities to reaching out to local businesses in the vicinity of the Law School area for sponsorships to searching for a DJ (one we could afford on our budget, which turned out to be quite challenging) to meeting other diversity student groups. More importantly, serving as co-chair for the event naturally provided me with a gateway to meeting more people on campus and in the surrounding community.

To share a bit more about the Mr. WoCC charity event, students vote (by making a $1 donation per vote) for their peers to become pageant contestants. The four students with the most votes from their peers participate in a multi-part pageant competition, consisting of (1) Q&A, (2) talent, and (3) catwalk. The Q&A section this year included questions like, “What’s your ideal first date?” and “Who’s your female role model?” Our contestants gave fantastic answers and entertained our very boisterous 100+ audience members.

The highlight of the show definitely was the talent portion. This year’s contestants performed comedy and even a very courageous, shirtless choreography to Britney Spears! Proceeds from the event benefited Win, an organization dedicated to helping homeless women. By the end of the night, we had raised money for a fantastic organization and brought the Law School together (wine and catered bites help, of course!).

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts that transferring is scary. No matter how old you are, whether you entered law school straight from college or after several years of work, law school can be competitive and lonely. But if you’re thinking of transferring to NYU Law, fear not. There is always a place here for you to thrive.