I am in the majority. I am part of the approximately two-thirds of students who are starting law school after a gap in their schoolings. It’s good to be back. School is still the same as I remember: a huge collection of people my age who over-fill auditoriums and clap very loudly. If orientation week was any indication, law school is going to be no different, except there is a lot more free food, and this time around my handwriting is much worse. From other law students I’ve heard that it will be crazy hard, but, although we’ve only just finished orientation, I think it has been easy so far! Maybe I’m just bragging.

Vanderbilt Hall

Well, I’m older now. I’m wiser. Didn’t you notice my beard? School has officially begun. Although I thought I would be hopelessly out of touch in coming to school, I have been doing quite well. I turned in my first assignment right after the mock trial. It was a survey to gauge opinions on NYU Law orientation, and I think I got all the questions right, which is a solid start to law school. It was supposed to be anonymous, but that didn’t stop me from writing my name in and ensuring that I got credit for my answers.

Actually, I did a lot of research before coming up to NYC. I scoured YouTube and listened to some Fat Joe, Alicia Keys, and Diddy, who told me all about what to expect in the Big Apple. Truthfully, it is not as much an apple as a concrete jungle (thanks, Miss Keys). Interestingly, I didn’t find any music about law school life, so remind me to drop a mixtape after I graduate, because I’m sure the streets are waiting for this.

moving in

My moving crew.

Right now I live in Mercer with a roommate I was clearly matched up with based on strength of facial hair. He and I felt validated at one of the presentations when we found out that facial hair correlates well with lawyering success. Unfortunately, this means that our lady friends are in need of deep sympathy. Random placement put me in Section 5 of the Law School, so my classmates and I immediately began spreading rumors that we were the “social section.” Which turned out to be not only a self-fulfilling prophecy, but also a great idea overall. Maybe we can be the heads of the propaganda department someday. Is that a thing?

I’m pretty excited for law school at this point; it seems like it is going to be cool. Sure, it may be hard, but if you were a pro football player it would be hard, too. Hard and cool aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s true that we have all heard about cutthroat competition between the students, except the people at NYU seem nice. The deans, professors, students, caterers, and everyone else have good things to say.

At the end here, I’d like to mention a bit of legal advice. In my first lawyering class we discussed a case in which judges held that motorcycles aren’t inherently a nuisance; it all depends on the context in which they are being used. Personally, I’d like to think that this applies to everything and predict that my 1L year will not inherently be extremely stressful and difficult. Instead, like the motorcycles, it will matter only how I view it. With this in mind, I want to remind everyone that we should all keep our motorcycles in good context and have a fun year.

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