An LLM Makes a Spring Weekend Escape to Washington, D.C.

Spring is finally here, but with good weather comes a feeling that our fun LLM experience is coming to an end. As finals approach, I look at my “Places to visit in the US” bucket list and realize I still haven’t seen so many places! So a week ago I decided to visit the US capital, combining two nice purposes into one trip: the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Jessup Moot Court Competition finals.

What to see?

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a three-week-long celebration. If you visit the capital during this time, you will get an opportunity not only to admire this wonderful natural phenomenon, but also to gain insight into Japanese culture and traditions. The biggest number of blooming trees (and tourists) can be found around the Tidal Basin. But make sure to walk through the city before heading there to enjoy the views of the Capitol and Washington Monument shrouded in flowers.

Where to go?

Washington, D.C., is not only a political center of the world; it is also rich in US history and culture. And here’s important information: most of the museums there are free! Since I had limited time and am a huge history fan, I chose the National Museum of the American Indian and greatly enjoyed every minute there. It has many eye-catching exhibitions and short movies that explain American history and the development of relations with native populations. I was surprised to learn the story of Pocahontas, who turned out to be not only a famous Disney movie character but also a Virginian hero who helped to establish positive relations between the colonists and the indigenous population.

The city also contains the heart of the US justice system and includes places especially interesting for lawyers. We went to see the Supreme Court of the United States, which is open for visits on weekdays. Who knows? Maybe on your visit there you will get to see Justice Ginsburg wandering through the aisles!

Where to eat?

Similar to NYC, Washington, D.C., has many cuisines to offer its visitors. If you like combining tasty food with a special atmosphere, try out Tonic at Quigley’s, which was once a pharmacy. Funnily enough, back at the beginning of the last century, the owner served burgers while also filling prescriptions, and was a great friend of many students who studied at the nearby George Washington University. Small glass bottles decorating the interior serve as reminders of this place’s original purpose.

I hope these suggestions will help you enjoy your next visit to Washington, D.C.!