Alternative Spring Break: Alaska!

Warm, sunny Nightmute.

One of the things that really attracted me to NYU Law was the wide variety of opportunities available to the students for exploring different areas of law. I had come upon this blog when I was deciding on a school, and had seen the entry about the Alternative Spring Break trip to Alaska, where students travel alone or in pairs to remote villages to help prepare the taxes of low-income Alaskans. I am so happy that I actually got the chance to participate in this trip this year, because it was an awesome public service opportunity for someone who is more interested in social and economic rather than criminal justice. I completed 85 tax returns; traveled to two villages; made some new friends; and altogether had a really rewarding, if not relaxing, spring break. I am so glad to have been able to join this NYU tradition, and am looking forward to mentoring the next crop of people who decide to go to the last American frontier!

After a brief hike, a view of Nightmute from above.
I didn’t see any muskoxen, but I did see a Mama Grizzly!
Sunset over iced waves in Anchorage.
One of our mini-airplanes – great views!
Muskox head in a school – keeping the traditions alive!
Our workplace and home in windy Tununak.