My home as a recently arrived LLM student is the NYU Law campus and Greenwich Village. Everything from the library to the classrooms to D’Agostino (my residence hall) is now what constitutes New York City, much more than Times Square or the Brooklyn Bridge. We frequent these spaces each day, bumping into professors and our friends at the Law School. Even if I’m walking around only sporadically, it’s funny how I’m always running into the people I know. I’ve been here only since August, but I will certainly miss the NYU Law campus when I have to leave (I’m going to try not to!). Here are a few glimpses of my New York home.

Washington Square Park 

img_0015This is the unofficial quad of the NYU campus. You will be here to take pictures all year long, come rain or shine. It never stops getting prettier, and there is always something going on. Food vendors, skateboarders, protesters, and even parts of the Bill of Rights written in chalk on the ground! And, of course, the famous arch, which people climbed at one point to declare Greenwich Village an independent republic! 

Courtyard of the Law School 

img_0017Another spot you will frequent as you enter and exit the building. This place makes for great pictures with your friends and is the unofficial assembling point for Law School-related activities. You can Skype your family members from here, too, and the courtyard is also used to host events and lay out some lovely food for NYU Law folks.


Kushner Student Lounge 

img_0026This lounge is for those who don’t want to go back to their rooms to enjoy a nice meal with their friends. Kushner is also a lifesaver when you are between classes and need a Snapple, a Pop Tart, or a bag of chips to munch on. This really helps, especially if you skipped breakfast! The lounge has free printing; all you have to do is tap your ID (really simple) and print your documents!





The Law Library

img_0034As you can see, it’s gorgeous! Usually you will see a lot of students frequenting those desks, studying hard for their classes. There’s also a nice view of the streets outside. The lower level has tons of books and other resources for students. It’s a great spot to focus and get your work out of the way. 






Golding Lounge

img_0036Located on the first floor, Golding is a place you will be almost every day. Whether it is to grab a coffee between classes or to meet up with representatives of student groups, Golding is the place to go. Often there are representatives from bar prep companies ready to sign you up. And there’s some great food, too, with the added bonus of a really friendly staff. 





The NYU Law Classroom

img_0039This classroom (Vanderbilt 216) is typical of one where you would take a lecture course. Sometimes professors will record lectures on religious holidays, and even use microphones to ensure that people sitting in the back can hear every word. But because of the nice acoustics, hearing is almost never an issue. Oh, and there are some fancy digital clocks to remind everyone of the time. 


D’Agostino Residence Hall 

img_0045Located right on West Third Street, this residence hall is just opposite Vanderbilt Hall, the main Law School building. While the rooms are smaller than those in Hayden (the other residence hall), the location more than compensates. D’Agostino Hall is also home to some of NYU Law’s offices (such as the Office of Communications) and even the various law journals, which are in the basement. D’Ag, as it is called by its residents, has a friendly vibe, and printers, couches, and computers are readily available for students to use. Also, the security guards who check the IDs of everyone who enters are super-friendly, as is the staff that receives and handles letters and packages. 

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