A Path Less Traveled

As the 1Ls start their new adventure, a lot of us 2Ls are looking back on our first year as we go through the gauntlet of the firm interview process. This has been especially true for me; I had a pretty untraditional path to law school, which has obviously come up in almost all of my interviews. I worked at the New York Philharmonic and at a theater after graduation, and employers loved hearing about my experiences.

wife and I props
The theater has more relevance to the law than I realized.

But beyond being a good entry point to a conversation, my winding path has, I think, been a blessing to me. The fact that people with similarly weird backgrounds ended up at NYU was one of the main reasons I chose to go here. I love that a lot of my classmates have traveled the world, taught, worked, and explored, because I think it makes our conversations richer and more nuanced. Also, I think my work experience has been enormously helpful in the law school context.

Being a theater director has made me comfortable speaking in class and organizing study groups. Basically law school, and especially my 1L civ pro class with Professor Arthur Miller, is one big soap opera! It’s one big exercise in telling a good story and delivering it, which is pretty much all I did for two years at Arena. This summer, while working at the New Jersey AG’s office, I even slipped back into that role, helping a young attorney prepare for oral argument. I broke out my notepad, gave presentation notes, and had a blast combining my two worlds. Having worked at the Philharmonic gave me so much in-office experience that transitioning into a legal workplace this summer was a piece of cake.

As I begin my new career as an attorney, I am excited to look back upon my previous life and then forward to where I’m going, and want any other 1Ls who are feeling nervous about not having a traditional path to know that it’s totally awesome!