JLSA, Sallie Mae, and Student Financial Services Budgeting Information Session

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JLSA, Sallie Mae, and the Office of Student Financial Services invite you to join us on February 23rd at 11:30am via zoom.

This session will provide information to help students manage their spending, save money, build and maintain good credit, and understand the basics behind student loan repayment.  It will also highlight the key principles of money management, borrowing guidelines, credit card usage, identity theft, as well as tips on managing student loans in their final year of law school and beyond.  In addition, this session will also focus on general facts about Bar Study loans and how they can help students pay for expenses related to studying for the Bar exam. We’ll cover typical eligibility requirements, how much can be  borrowed, interest rates and fees, loan features and benefits, cosigners, and the typical process for obtaining a loan.

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