Bar Study Loans

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Many of you may have started to research and apply for Bar Study Loans. The Office of Student Financial Services encourages you to visit our site for answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Bar Loans at: Please note that once you have successfully submitted your application with a lender of your choice, you must submit the Bar Study Loan Certification Form to our office. Your loan will not be certified if we have not received your completed form. Regardless of which lender you choose, please note the following:

  • Bar loans will start to accrue interest upon disbursement; so, give careful thought to how you schedule your disbursements.
  • The bar loan is intended to cover your summer living and the bar exam preparation expenses.
  • If you are considering LRAP, please note that up to $10,000 in a bar loan can be considered for coverage under LRAP. If you are receiving an outside source of funding to cover bar expenses, this may factor into your eligibility for LRAP coverage. Please check with our office regarding your individual circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.