NYU Law Subscription and Library Services Extended for 2020 Graduates

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  1. NYTimes
    • Access extended until beginning of Fall Semester Subscription 9/8/2020.
  2. Westlaw
    • Graduates get 60hrs per month of WestLaw through November 2020.  Graduates must register for the free Graduate Elite Program (lawschool.westlaw.com).
  3. Lexis Nexis
    • Free use of Lexis Advance until 12/31/2020.  No registration required, just sign in as usual. All law students have automatic extended access.
  4. ALM Legal Compass
    •  See 9b
  5. Bloomberg Tax
    • Access extended for graduates until November 2020.
  6. Bloomberg Law
    • Unrestricted access for 2020 Graduates through June 1, 2021.
  7.  Tax Notes
    • May 2020 graduates will have access to Tax Notes until September 2020
  8.  Financial Times
    • See 9b.
  9. Online Library Resources
    • A) All alumni have free, offsite (perpetual) access to a package of electronic resources. Learn more about the alumni e-library(https://www.nyu.edu/alumni/benefits/alumni-e-library.html) Databases include: Proquest, Hein’s Law Library Journal and Mergent
    • B) Ez-Proxy Databases: Most of the Law Library databases are ez-proxy—meaning that users are authenticated as patrons entitled to access subscribed content by providing their Net ID and password. RIA Checkpoint, Oxford, Cambridge, ALM Legal Compass, and Hein Online are examples of databases that fall within this category. Much of the Library’s access to newspapers, including access to the Financial Times, are through ez-proxy databases. Bobst’s electronic resources team expects that access to these databases generally should last until the end of August 2020 for May 2020 graduates, but they cannot give a firm date.

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