Seeking teaching assistants for Graduate Lawyering I

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The Graduate Lawyering Program is seeking rising 2Ls and 3Ls to serve as teaching assistants for Graduate Lawyering I. There are 13 sections in the fall. The 11 one-credit sections meet every other week; the 2 two-credit intensive sections meet every week. Two additional sections meet for one week in January, the week before the start of spring classes.

Professors Mary Holland, Irene Ayers, Karen Ross, Judge Gerald Lebovits, and Miriam Ingber, will teach these classes. The course focuses on legal research, writing and analysis. Students enrolled in the course gain significant practical training. TAs work with students on their ongoing writing projects, advising on structure, content, and style, as well as provide instruction on legal citation. TAs work closely with faculty in a collegial atmosphere.

The Graduate Lawyering I course is for international LLM students and is required for most foreign-trained attorneys expecting to sit for the New York Bar exam. The course employs the same teaching methodologies as the Lawyering Program, but is streamlined and refined specifically for international graduate students. The LLM students are typically lawyers admitted to the bar in other countries and generally have two or more years of practice experience. Many LLM students are non-native English speakers, with varying expertise in US legal research and writing. These students are eager to learn about the American legal system and culture and to get to know JDs who may be in their other classes.

Working with LLM students is both personally and professionally rewarding, providing the opportunity to start a global professional network while still in law school. It is an excellent opportunity for those with teaching aspirations, and it will give all TAs a chance to focus on their own legal research, writing and analytical skills in the context of helping others.

The Program seeks JD students with strong research, writing and analytical skills, together with excellent people skills.

Graduate Lawyering TAs will receive credit towards their JD degrees.

To apply, please send your resume, transcript and a writing sample to the Office of Graduate Affairs at with “Graduate Lawyering TA” in the subject line. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Professor Mary Holland, Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program, at