Research Assistant needed for Professor William Nelson

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Professor William Nelson needs a research assistant this summer.

Location of Office and Phone Number: VH 420, 212-998-6241

Name of Professor’s Staff Assistant:  Stephany Ramos

**Primary email address (where all RA applications, email notifications, and follow-up emails will be sent):

Email and CC

Nature of Research Position:

I will be working this summer on an article about a series of cases in 1765-66 holding the Stamp Act unconstitutional, null, and void.  These cases were known by attendees at the 1787 constitutional convention and the 1788 ratification conventions and by President Jefferson, members of Congress, and the justices who decided Marbury v. Madison in 1803.  The core question is what effect should those cases have on our interpretation of what Marbury v. Madison decided and therefore on the nature of judicial review.

If there is not enough work to be done on this article, I would want some research to be done on the Compromise of 1877 and the passage in 1878 of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Can work be done remotely? 


Qualifications (be specific regarding class level: 1L, 2L, 3L or LL.M.): 

I have a preference for someone with a background in American history (the most extensive the background the better), but such a background is not required.

Approximate Dates of Employment:  

Employment would be June, July, and August 2022.  I am flexible on the number of hours per week.  I would prefer part time, but will hire full time to obtain a strong candidate.

Materials to Submit for Application: (ex. Resume, Unofficial Law School Transcript, Cover Letter with a statement of interest in the research topics)

Submit resume, unofficial law school transcript, and cover letter indicating reasons for interest in position.

Deadline for Submission:

Please submit by 5 pm on May 10th