Research Assistant for Professor Jose Alvarez

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Prof. Alvarez seeks either second/third year JDs or LLMs to assist him and his co-author on a forthcoming book on “CEDAW’s Progressive Property Jurisprudence.” At this point he is a student who is seeking either a research position for ungraded academic credit (45 hours of work for one credit or 90 hours of work for 2 credits) or someone looking to work for similar hours for work (at the standard hourly rate paid by NYU to either JDs or LLMs). The work is expected to be completed throughout this fall and expected to end by later than Jan. 31.

Those willing to work for credit can expect to work on substantive research involving one or more of the following human rights treaty regimes: CERD, the ICCPR or the ICESCR. At this point Prof. Alvarez is writing the “comparative” section of the book which compares CEDAW’s jurisprudence on the property rights of women to those other regimes’ protections for persons who are discriminated against in terms of their property rights. Those working for pay can expect to be engaged in getting the existing book chapters (including citations, etc) ready for publication.

Those interested should submit, to Prof. Alvarez, a short cover letter by Sept. 5, indicating why they are interested and any relevant background, along with any grades received at NYU or (If an incoming LLM) at their prior law school. The ideal candidate for either position would have had at least a basic course on international law and/or human rights. Those interested in working for pay should have in addition, some background in “blue-booking” or doing copy-editing for a legal publication.