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International survey on regulations on occupational heat stress and heat injury

Heat is the most lethal climate-related pressure that we are facing today.  The dangers heat poses to workers is becoming increasing central in local and global regulations of occupational health and safety. However, the regulatory area is still new and the regulations governing heat exposure are scattershot. This project seeks to compile an inventory of existing and draft regulations to protects workers from heat exposure across industries and across countries.

The researcher will assist in the preparation of a global review of government regulations of heat exposure at work.  The review will include existing regulation – regulation already passed and codified – and, to the extent possible, regulation in draft form, in notes published for public comment for example.  The researcher will secure occupational health and safety codes regarding heat in their final form, as well as, again to the extent possible, draft or earlier forms.

The review should cover local, national, and international jurisdictions, and should identify which regulatory agency is charged with enforcement. Particular attention paid will need to be paid to the role of international regulatory bodies like the International Labor Organization in providing a framework for regulatory design.

Because the review of heat-related occupational and safety codes will cover multiple areas of the world, the researcher should be comfortable conducting research in varied regulatory contexts.   Language abilities to facilitate this are helpful.

Please submit a cv to natasha.iskander@nyu.edu, with an optional cover letter outlining relevant experience/skills.

The graduate junior researcher rate is $27.50 and the graduate senior researcher rate is $29.54.