Fall TA opportunity for 2L and 3L JD students – Graduate Lawyering

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We are still accepting applications from all rising 2L and 3L students, including transfer students, to be a Teaching Assistant in the Graduate Lawyering Program in the Fall 2022 semester. This position provides Teaching Assistants with the opportunity to expand their global professional network by working with accomplished LLM students who are lawyers from countries across the globe.

TAs may work in a single 1-credit section of Graduate Lawyering meeting every other week (to receive 0.5 credit); two 1-credit sections each meeting every other week (to receive 1 credit); or one 2-credit section meeting weekly (to receive 1 credit).

To apply, please send your resume, transcript, and a writing sample to Professor Karen Ross (Karen.Ross@nyu.edu) and Professor Alice Burke (Alice.Burke@nyu.edu) or contact us with any questions about the position.

The Graduate Lawyering Faculty

Irene Ayers
Karen Ross
Alice Burke
Susan Chung
Amanda Sen
Hon. Gerald Lebovits