Pro Bono Opportunity – Jailhouse Lawyer Initiative

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The Jailhouse Lawyer Initiative (JLI) is a project led by the Legal Empowerment and Advocacy Hub (LEAH), a community justice organization founded and directed by Jhody Polk, a justice impacted leader, and supported by the Bernstein Institute for Human Rights. JLI advocates for the legal empowerment of current and former jailhouse lawyers – the process of knowing, using, and shaping law that impacts their lives – as a core strategy to ending the cycle of incarceration and enabling communities to obtain freedom from the inside out. JLI targets three primary areas with its work: building a national network of currently and formerly incarcerated jailhouse lawyers, co-developing trainings and curricula that focus on legal education and legal empowerment for currently incarcerated people with directly impacted individuals, and supporting formerly incarcerated jailhouse lawyers leverage their skills and expertise for opportunities in employment and education post-release.

We are looking for a candidate with excellent research and writing skills to support the JLI project. Sample work includes a literature review on jailhouse lawyering in the US and prisoner paralegal programs internationally.

To apply, please send a resume and statement of interest to