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Privatization and Human Rights

CHRGJ’s Human Rights and Privatization Project is looking for volunteers to conduct research on the human rights impacts of privatizing essential sectors and services, including canvassing privatization projects at the global level to identify case studies that raise human rights concerns and merit further scrutiny, developing the legal implications of privatization, and supporting the development of a long-term project on this issue. Hours are flexible. 

Aid Accountability and Justice in Haiti

Research to support the Global Justice Clinic’s long-term partnerships with civil society and social movement organizations in Haiti.  Research may include: (1) creating summaries and analysis of the decrees that President Jovenel Moise has passed, particularly the new penal code; (2) COVID-related aid from International Financial Institutions and the transparency requirements for recipient entities; (3) analysis of any reporting of receipt of aid from Haiti’s Ministry of Finance; (4) review of assessment of Haiti’s environmental impact assessment laws and legal framework; and (5) other research requested of GJC partners in Haiti.

  • Will accept up to 3 applicants.  Total 15-30 hours/week (amount of work depends on number of applicants accepted)
  • Bilingual French-English required

Climate Justice in the Caribbean

GJC is launching a new project related to climate justice in the Caribbean region, focused on Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Research opportunities on this project include: (1) review of current litigation in domestic courts that relates to climate justice and environmental rights; (2) literature review on climate justice in the Caribbean; (3) advocacy opportunities and potential advocacy targets for Caribbean States and social movement organizations; (4) relationship between climate impacts and migration from the Caribbean region; and (5) assessment of relevant tactics and strategy used by other small island developing states. 

  • Will accept 1-2 applicants.  Total 5-15 hours/week
  • Bilingual Spanish-English preferred

Oil Extraction in Guyana

ExxonMobil is gearing up to extract as much as 8 billion barrels of oil off of Guyana’s northern coast.  The GJC did some research into ExxonMobil’s contract with the government of Guyana in the spring of last year.  GJC needs research support to, among other things: (1) document the World Bank’s technical support to rewrite Guyana’s oil laws, including the safeguards that apply to this investment; (2) document the political situation in Guyana, and how it relates to oil; (3) identify civil society organizations in Guyana working on accountability and transparency in the oil sector; and (4) locate and compile popular education material for communities that are facing the consequences of oil extraction, and suggestions for negotiation and resistance.  

  • Will accept 1 applicant.  10-15 hours/week

GJC and Bernstein Institute Partnership with New Sanctuary Coalition of New York

For the past 2 years GJC and the Bernstein Institute have conducted a participatory evaluation of New Sanctuary Coalition, an immigrant-led social movement in New York that aims to build the power of the immigrant community and to support those who are navigating the immigration system.  GJC and Bernstein are in the final phase of drafting a report that presents the findings from the evaluation.  GJC and Bernstein seek bilingual Spanish-English support to conduct outreach to the NSC community and contribute to sociological research to support the theoretical framework of the report.

  • Will accept 1 applicant.  Totally 5-10 hours/week
  • Bilingual Spanish-English required.

Prevention Project

CHRGJ’s Prevention Project engages diverse stakeholders in the development of a framework to prevent grave human rights violations. As sketched in several of former UN Special Rapporteur de Greiff’s reports to the Human Rights Council and to the General Assembly, the framework will integrate substantive knowledge and expertise, evidence-based approaches, and initiatives with proven preventive potential. Specifically, the volunteer researcher(s) will conduct legal and interdisciplinary research into the institutional architecture of civilian oversight mechanisms for armed forces. In addition, they will draft informative, descriptive and readable briefs synthesizing the above research and summarizing national oversight mechanisms in difference regions around the world. These briefs will inform (1) diverse stakeholders in the security working group of the preventions project; (2) the UN Secretary General’s Civilian Advisory Group; and (3) ultimately the comprehensive framework of evidence-based interventions to prevent grave human rights violations.

  • Desirable skills: research and drafting.

To apply, please email a resume and statement of interest for each position to