Oct. 18: Research Assistant for NYU Law’s Climate Litigation Accelerator (CLX)

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Research Assistant for NYU Law’s Climate Litigation Accelerator (CLX)

CORRECTION: This call for applications was previously posted but contained the incorrect email. If you applied previously, please resend your application materials to Jackie Gallant at jbg445@nyu.edu.

The Climate Litigation Accelerator (CLX), based at NYU Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, is a global collaborative hub for research, advocacy, and strategic litigation on the climate emergency. Working with scholars, activists, and litigants from around the world, CLX initiates and supports efforts that build the speed and scale necessary to spur action on the climate emergency within the limited timeframe left to avoid triggering extreme scenarios of global warming. CLX helps fill gaps in existing practice; connects practitioners, litigators, and experts in different fields (from climate science to strategic communications to ecology to climate economics); and spearheads and supports climate lawsuits and other forms of action and advocacy.

CLX is seeking an RA for research support, including human rights and climate change case documentation and analysis as well as data analysis for a survey of youth climate activists on legal defense needs. Pay is $15/ hour. For more information on the human rights and climate change case database as well as CLX’s work more generally, please visit www.clxtoolkit.com.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Jackie Gallant at jbg445@nyu.edu by Tuesday, October 18th.