Nov. 6-9: Digital Media Zone, Law, Justice and Development Week 2017

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As part of the Law, Justice and Development Week 2017 organized by the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency and focused on “GENDER, LAW and DEVELOPMENT”, the organization is producing a 4 day-long communication initiative, the Digital Media Zone, which will take place in the main Atrium of the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC from November 6 to 9.


Embedded in the Law, Justice and Development Week (LJD), the Digital Media Zone will offer an interactive media hub and gathering space for conference attendees, students, NGOs and private sector representatives designed to facilitate interaction and engagement between the high-level policy sessions/discussions and relevant mainstream media.


The Digital Media Zone will serve as a catalyst to activate civil society by communicating the activities of the summit to the masses through media, and showcasing solutions for Sustainable Development. Women’s empowerment and implementing solutions, through a legal and youth lens, will be the overarching narrative for the Digital Media Zone.


The Legal Vice Presidency is offering free registration to 5 students from NYU that would be interested to participate to the LJD week and to attend all the sessions of the Digital Media Zone.  If you are interested, please email  Students will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.


Students will be required to participate in each DMZ sessions throughout the entire event (sessions are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), and encouraged to actively participate to each session with interventions and through their social media, Facebook live and Twitter in particular.  The program outline is attached to give you an idea of the subject matter covered. Access to LJD week’s sessions is also granted when not in conflict with the Digital Media Zone.