Nov. 18: How to Be a Political Activist

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The 2020 election could possibly be the most important of your life as the core institutions and values of American democracy are  challenged. We believe that young people have the potential to lead in the revitalization of democracy. Getting out into the field, phone banking, canvassing  using social media, and yes — voting —  is more crucial than ever.

On Monday, November 18th, we will provide an interactive training program addressing how to mobilize, to use social media as an electioneering tool, how to speak across political divides and build coalitions.  NYU students come from almost every state as well as many countries where democracy is threatened. Our reach is great and your engagement crucial to our future.  The values we cherish and the institutions that sustain our democracy are truly under assault.  While our presentation is not partisan, it is committed to an inclusive and just America. 

Our presenters are:

Juanita Lewis, the Hudson Valley Organizing Director of Community Voices Heard, a grassroots organizing effort that tackles tough issues and builds power to secure racial, social and economic justice for all New York. Since 2004, Juanita has worked on numerous electoral campaigns at the city, state and federal level in different staffing capacities. Juanita teaches Elections in Action at the Wagner School of Public Service.

Linda Lausell Bryant is a professor at the Silver School of Social Work. Dr. Lausell Bryant’s professional interests focus on the intersection of race, ethnicity, and social justice as well as culturally competent practice. Her work in government includes serving as associate commissioner for the Office of Youth Development at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. She was appointed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the New York City Panel for Education Policy. She has used her extensive knowledge of youth development to launch program initiatives in the violence prevention, reproductive health, child welfare, and after school arenas. 

Justin Ruben is the board President of, and previously, as MoveOn’s Executive Director, oversaw MoveOn’s landmark campaign for health care reform and grew the organization from five to eight million members. He has also organized in the labor movement, and on environmental health issues. As Co-Founder and Co-Director of ParentsTogether, Justin is helping to build a diverse national parents’ organization focused on improving parents’ daily lives and winning policies that help families and kids.

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