DOJ Wednesday Webinar Series

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The Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management will once again be hosting a Wednesday Webinar Series in which they will highlight offices participating in the Attorney General’s Honors Program and Summer Law Intern Program.

June 17, 202012:00 PM ETAntitrust DivisionCivil DivisionCivil Rights DivisionCriminal Division
June 24, 202012:00 PM ETEnvironment and Natural Resources DivisionExecutive Office for Immigration ReviewTax DivisionUnited States Trustee Program
July 8, 202012:00 PM ETDrug Enforcement AdministrationFederal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of PrisonsNational Security DivisionU.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

*Subject to change.

DOJ Wednesday Webinar Series – Access Information


Access Code:  10200  

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